Spring Childbirth Education Series

This 4-week childbirth education series will be led by Autumn Hadden IBCLC, CCD and her husband, Daniel Hadden, CDCA.

We will learn all about the anatomy and physiology of labor and birth, physical and emotional changes of moving into parenthood, comfort measures for late pregnancy and birth, preparing for birth, choices in childbirth, postpartum planning and wellness, baby care, breastfeeding, and how our faith and our God fit into this great transition.

Hands on experience, class activities, deep discussions, and real life videos reinforce everything we learn in class and will leave you feeling empowered and ready for everything that is to come.

There is a $80 fee for this course, but we offer a sliding scale so that could be discounted or waved based on your family size and household income.


Email us at info@ohioparenting.org for more information

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