Many women feel as if they do not have a voice among the medical community, this is especially true if they have a history of trauma. Our goal is to walk with them, advocate for them, and help to empower them to have their voice heard during one of the most transformative and difficult times of their lives. This will not only lead to better birth outcomes which benefit their own mental and physical well-being, but also that of their new baby as well as going further to enable them to more easily bond with and care for their new baby. This secure attachment, along with responsive care, leads to long term benefits in the neurological development of the baby.

Babies who do not receive the continuous and responsive care they deserve from their primary care provider have different brain growth patterns than those who do, which affects their long term mental and physical health. They develop higher baseline cortisol levels from the stress they feel which leads to lifelong consequences of higher rates of anxiety, depression, diabetes II, heart disease, and obesity. Add to this the detriment of lower IQ, and increased risk of anxiety, depression, diabetes, heart disease, general illness, and cancer that babies who are not breastfed endure and these children have really been set back from birth. This natural tendency for anxiety and depression combined with the learned behaviors of not being responsive to children as they grow are known as trauma cycles and are what keep the cycle of mental health and addiction going through generations.

If you are a parent who has experienced trauma in your own childhood, please know that it was not your fault. People learn behaviors from their parents and the mental health of their parents affects them as they grow. Being aware of your own trauma and wanting something different for your own child is a wonderful thing and the first step towards healing yourself, which benefits your baby too.

If we can break this cycle through mentorship, education, and emotional support we can help to improve our community for generations to come.

The motivation to form this organization was fueled by the need seen in our community, the love and empathy we feel for the women around us, and loving relationship with Christ which leads to a drive to be a light for him and to work as his hands in this world.

As a non-profit we rely on donations to provide these important services for women in our community. Please consider making a tax-exempt donation to our organization to be a part of this life changing ministry.

Our Mission

To operate as a faith based organization to improve health equity and maternal-child health and well-being through evidence based care, support, and education for all.

Our Vision

That our services would help to dismantle generational trauma cycles and reduce maternal-infant morbidity and mortality.

Our Values

Improving health equity, empowering new and expecting parents, making prenatal, perinatal,and postpartum care, support, and education available and accessible to all parents regardless of their social, religious, or political affiliation or financial status.


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