Meal Trains

Women deserve to be surrounded by their community during pregnancy and the post partum period, and for many years part of that care and support was through providing meals and making sure the new mother was nourished so that she could heal and provide food for her baby. We are working hard to regrow community and bring women together to support one another through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. One way that we can facilitate that community is through organizing meal trains and bringing people together to serve one another through providing the love and care that only being fed can accomplish.

If you are pregnant and would like for us to organize a meal train on your behalf please fill out this form!

We can use only contacts that you share with us, or we can share your meal train with our larger social media following and email list to reach more people in our community that want to help others and band together. People love helping other people and just need to be told how to sometimes!

Please feel free to reach out through email with any questions you have!