Professional Training

Our professional training courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to utilize your gifts in your community to make a difference for birthing families.

Certified Christian Childbirth Educator

Our Christian Childbirth Educator Certification combines anatomically correct and evidence-based information with Christian ministry care to give your the education and practical skills to serve the pregnant women of your community in preparing for both the physical and emotional changes that come with labor, birth, and the postpartum period.

This training consists of either live online or in-person workshops, a reading list, homework, an exam, and birth attendance requirements.

Certified Christian Doula

Our Christian Doula Certification Provides your with all of the educational background of our Certified Christian Childbirth Educator training, and adds on even more information on how to physically and emotionally support women through labor and birth.

As a Certified Christian Doula you will have all of the knowledge and skills of Doulas certified thorugh other organizations, but will have additional training in spiritual formation, ministering to the Christian heart, and praying withand for others.

Childbirth is a time in our lives when we are most close with God and the transition to parenthood is a very emotional time in which past trauma and pain can resurface. These women need another women to come alongside them as they work through these emotional and spiritual challenges. This, along with the physical support that Doulas give during labor and birth, is what women have done thoughout time and it is such an important role to accept.

Training as a Certified Christian Doula consists of a three day workshop (24 hours total) either in person or virtually online, a reading list, homework assignments, an exam, and birth attendance requirements.

Breastfeeding for Doulas and Healthcare Providers

This four hour breastfeeding course is taught by an IBCLC and provides aspiring doulas with the breastfeeding education they need to obtain certification through other organizations, as well as critical knowledge and skills needed by healthcare workers assisting birthing and new mothers. All of the information available through this course is also available through both the Certified Christian Childbirth Educator and Certified Christian Doula Courses.

You will learn breast anatomy, the role of hormones in lactation, cultural awareness and trauma informed care, communicating with the new mother how birthing practices affect lactation, best practices for after birth to facilitate breastfeeding, how to help with feeding challenges in the first days postpartum, and when to refer to an IBCLC.